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The Private Stock Group

Ever wish you could access the portfolio of a successful investor?

To see every stock they hold

Every move they make

Their price targets

All their research

And more?

How about if that access also came with a direct line to successful investors and a community for round-the-clock support on all your investing questions?

This group provides all of this and more.

Inside The Private Stock group, you'll get the stock suggestions, insights, expert knowledge, and support to help you multiply your money in the stock market.


No one has time to go through the >630,000 publicly traded companies out there to identify the few which grow faster than the market each year.

And most of the time, people fail to identify these few stocks because they don't know what to look for.

So, how do you outperform the market?


A Community

You'll gain exclusive access to our expert portfolios and see what the successful investors of the group are buying & selling in real-time, and why. Because this is as much about educating you to identify winners as it is about handing them to you on a silver platter.

Members are also free to share and discuss their own investments.

With Private Stock Group membership you're no longer searching alone.

What you'll get

Inside the private Discord forum, you'll have exclusive access to:

✅Live trade alerts - see every investment I make in real-time

✅The Savvy Portfolio - Access to a Google sheet with every position I hold, weightings, current buy/hold/sell status, 'buy under' prices, and more.

✅The High-Yield Dividend Portfolio - A portfolio of >40 vetted, high-yield stocks

✅AI-Selected Portfolio - weekly stock picks using artificial intelligence software

✅Member trade alerts - see what the community are buying!

✅My active watchlist

✅Monthly stock picking competition! - The chance to win your money back!

✅In-depth stock overviews & analysis

✅Useful videos and tips for beginners


Dedicated channels for:

- Market News & Updates

- Dividend Stock Chat

- General Stock Chat

- Crypto Chat

- ETF Chat

- Q&A

And much more.

Our aim? 

To give you the insights, knowledge and support you need to build wealth in the stock market over the long term.

'This is NOT...'

To be clear about what it is you're signing up to:

1️⃣This is NOT a day trading group - We will NOT overwhelm you with charts and 'signals' that make no sense. No one living in the real world has time to sit in front of a screen and watch charts all day waiting to be told when to buy and sell.

2️⃣This is NOT a technical analysis group - Although it's a useful skill, it is not required. You can absolutely beat the market without drawing a single line on a chart. I know this because I have done exactly that.

How successful has the group been?

This chart shows the % return for the S&P 500 & Nasdaq vs the stocks suggested in the Private Stock Group (as of writing)

Some of the winners from the last 2 years

About The Creator:

My name is Joe (Twitter: @FiSavvyDad). If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I've grown my net worth to >£220K in a little over 2 years. 

A huge part of that incredible growth is down to my success in the stock market.

In order to demonstrate the wealth-building power of the stock market to others, I started a new account and deposited £200 - £300/month, an achievable figure for most, and began sharing the results on social media.

Since then, the account has achieved avg. yearly returns of >30%.

This is huge when compared to index fund returns of 9%

And savings account returns of 0.06%...

The members of the Private Stock Group have benefited from seeing every move along the way.

I've now beaten the market 3 years running...


"What exactly do I get?"

When you become a member, you will gain entry into a Discord forum with a growing number of investors of all experience levels who are finding new opportunities across the stock market. Not only will you have tons of hot stocks to capitalize on, but you'll also get round-the-clock support from experienced, successful investors.

Limited Time BONUS - New subscribers will receive a FREE copy of my ebook, Stock Research 101 (Value: $35).

"Do I need to have previous experience in the stock market before joining?"

Absolutely not. This group was created specifically for beginners. But we welcome investors at all levels wanting to get that extra edge or to find some winning stock suggestions. We want to help complete beginners, getting you set up with the right account type and the info you need to get a head-start.

"Is this group only for people who live in the UK/United States?"

Definitely not. I'm from the UK, we have admins from the US and members from across North America and Europe. The stock market transcends all borders. With the technology we have today, you can invest, commission-free in pretty much any market on the planet. This makes it all the more important to be a part of a community with a shared goal. To lighten the load.

"How long do I get access for?"

You will have access to the group for as long as your membership stays active.

"What if I'm unhappy with this group?"

In the rare instance that you decide the group is not for you, simply cancel any time and you won't be charged again. Simplicity 👌

Ready to get started?!

Click 'Subscribe' to get immediate access!

I'll see you inside.

All memberships include a 1 week free trial

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The Private Stock Group

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